06.28.13 Fire Dancing at the Drag March – Video by Randolphe Wicker

07.26.12 “The Heretic” in The Morning News – subsequently reprinted in Haaretz, La Jornada and Utne Reader – and referenced in Reddit, Byliner, Boing Boing, Motherboard, 3 Quarks Daily, Higher Perspective, Andrew Sullivan’s blog and elsewhere.

07.06.11 “Dancing to Revolution” in The Indypendent

06.24.11 Fire Dancing at the Drag March – Photo by John Minchillo for the Associated Press

04.22.11 Illicit balloon-rigged banner asks “Mayor Bloomberg: Why Was the Amazon Logged for Wash. Sq. Park benches?”

01.30.11 “Second Chances” in Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood

10.07.10 “They Unpaved Paradise” in The New York Times

07.16.10 “China’s Instant Cities” in The New York Times

04.21.10 Aerial civil disobedience challenges Mayor Bloomberg to stop destroying rainforests for NYC’s public infrastructure: Pictures, Video & Daily News story.

04.19.10 New York Times features our 40-sec video highlighting the Brooklyn Bridge, Staten Island Ferry, Washington Square Park and other iconic NYC sites where large quantities of rainforest wood are used